2010 / 2011 Chevy Cruze Steering Wheel Removal and Dis-assembly Instructions.





Using No. T-30 Torq driver, remove three (3) bolts off of airbag retention bracket.
Disclaimer:   Airbag components and steering wheels should be removed by a licensed technician trained with handling these electronic systems.  The following information is for individuals who enjoy working on their own vehicles and are aware of risks involved.  We can not accept any responsibility for problems associated with the implementation or interpretation of these technical guides.  Reader accepts full responsibility. 



Dis-Arm airbag system:

    Remove the negative battery terminal and allow 15-20 minutes to pass before removing the airbag (s).   This will deplete the airbag computer's reserve backup power source for deploying the airbag.  





Removal of Airbag:

Tools:   Small (pocket) screw driver.

Procedure:     Turn steering wheel to be able to access lower access hole(s) on rear side of steering wheel.  (see picture)

















The airbag is secured by two latch pins that lock the airbag onto the retention bracket.  To release the airbag from the steering wheel, we need to slide these pins toward the center of the wheel for each side of the airbag. 

Shown is our expensive airbag release tool pointing to the pin that needs to be shifted momentarily to one side.  We will release one side of the airbag at a time. 
















The two access ports on the rear side of the steering wheel will easily punch through with your screw driver.  There is a very thin layer of foam that will easily break. The angle of the hole will guide your screw driver exactly to the correct point and come to a stop.

My screw driver is now ready to release the airbag on that side of the wheel.














Slide the screw driver to side and this will release one side of the airbag.  Perform this operation on the other side to fully release the airbag. 




Removing all components from steering wheel.






Seen with three bolts removed.













Next, remove both control connectors by squeezing the fastening tab, then un-plugging.   Seen removing the cruise control connector.

























Shown is the  center fastening tab that is squeezed before removal.

















Right control connector seen being removed.











































After both connectors are un-plugged, remove the airbag retention bracket.









Set aside parts. Do not loose.

We have extra parts incase you need them.








Grab the bottom corner and gently lift up a small bit.




Next, to remove the "V" face trim, start by partially lifting the lower section.   Just lift up to loosen.
























After lower end is loosened, begin on one upper side to pull from wheel.  The two multifunction controls will be attached to the "V" trim. (Do you have a better name to call it?)  :)















Pry up from various angles.
Pry up from various angles.























Trim and attached control will separate from wheel.











Complete this step by pulling the other end also.









Face trim assembly will now separate completely from the steering wheel.




















Base Cruze steering wheel without removed components.









Set aside. Let's now separate the controls.












Using a Torq T-15 driver, remove two screws from each control.

























Both switch controls now separated.


















Steps to separate the wire harness.

Two small tab connectors are easily removed from bottom side of airbag retention bracket. A small needle nose pliers come in handy here. These connections are for the horn contact system.










A tiny screw driver also works great for this step. Push down the center tab in the connector, then separate.

Note that these two plug connectors are not the same size.  The frame tab is larger than the black ring tab.



















Can you tell they are different sizes?











Finally, to completely seperate the wiring harness from the frame assembly, there are two plastic push through tabs on the rear side that are easily removed.

Squeeze the expanded tabs and push loose.











Seen pushed through.











Now the other side.











Wiring harness is completely separated now. Great job!










Shown are both Cruze control switches along with the connecting pig-tail wiring harness.